Representative Arbitration Appointments


Representative Arbitration Appointments
(as Chair of tribunal, sole arbitrator or party nominee)

  • Oil and gas royalty dispute
  • Major energy infrastructure project
  • Transportation tariff dispute
  • Joint venture dispute regarding a US government construction project in Iraq
  • Failure of a communications satellite
  • International pharmaceutical supply dispute
  • Mergers and Acquisitions(travel industry, forest products industry, food industry, energy project, insurance brokerage, smart grid technology)
  • Dispute re agreement relating to licensing of wireless technology
  • Termination of a telecom interconnect agreement
  • Investor/state dispute regarding a telecom investment
  • Energy sector rate renewals (pipeline and marine terminal facilities)
  • Rent re-sets for commercial properties
  • Price verification and re-sets for supply and service agreements
  • Dispute re geothermal energy supply agreement
  • Wind farm dispute
  • Termination of government contracts
  • Disputes re privatization of government businesses (federal, provincial)
  • Dispute re lease of a nuclear facility
  • Dispute re production of nuclear medicines
  • Disputes re national advertising campaigns
  • Commercial lease disputes and ground lease rent renewals
  • Shareholder disputes (disputed winding up, sale of a business, oppression remedy)
  • Patent dispute (agricultural product)
  • Termination of international distribution and licensing agreements (clothing industry, auto parts, health foods, construction products)
  • Professional partnership disputes (medical and accounting)
  • Insurance coverage disputes (D & O insurance, loss of property)
  • Software license disputes
  • Sale of goods and services (jet engines, chemical agents, construction products, computer services, transportation of large objects)
  • Valuation of real estate

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