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Birds and Other Critters of the Toronto Islands

Photos and Photo Based Images (PBI) by Bill Horton
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Great Egret Takes Flight
Cormorants on Logs
American Kestrel PBI
American Kestrel in Flight
Red Wing Blackbirds
Monarch on Berries
Night Heron
Night Heron in Flight
Belted Kingfisher PBI
Barn Swallow
Barn Swallow Learns to Fly
Wood Thrush in Mulberry Bush PBI
Northern Map Turtles
Cormorants in Flight PBI
Cedar Waxwing
Barnswallows in Flight
Great Cormorant
Mallard Ducks
Goldfinch PBI
Young Golden Eagle
Painted Turtle Basking
House Sparrow PBI
Canvas Back Ducks PBI
Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Swan Nesting
Tree Swallow
Tern Encourages Young to Fly
Wood Duck PBI
Canada Geese and CN Tower
Swans and CN Tower PBI
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